What next after Balanceability?

Balanceaility Fax

After Balanceability children (and adults) are equipped to start cycling on traffic free routes. Everyone needs to practice and build up their control skills and there are some training courses that can help:

  • Bikeability – starting with Level 1, or family training
  • British Cycling Go Ride

From this point onwards its possible to be more specialised and there are a wide variety of bikes and ways to develop cycling. Some just want to cycle and make trips, but others want to race, BMX or do stunt biking. There are a variety places where you can find more:

  • Leisure Rides – Your local council, Sustrans, CTC
  • Sport – British cycling and your local cycling clubs
  • Your school – Bikeability Level 2 and 3
  • Your local Bike shop