Why is cycling so good?

Balanceability offers an easy entry point to the world of cycling for children, and their families.

    Boy on a bike
  • Cycling for children is fun, healthy and provides children with sense of freedom.
  • Riding a bicycle provides physical activity that is required to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A child who enjoys riding their bike is more likely to cycle as an adult for transportation, recreation or even become an Olympic athlete! .
  • Nearly half of the UK’s kids are unable to ride a bike by the time they turn six due to the increased pressures of modern lifestyles. Through a fun and safe introduction to riding a bike, Balanceability aims to 'embed in the psyche' of young children that cycling is a part of life.
“The Balanceability programme ably contributes to meeting the physical activity guidelines for healthy development as well as providing a success-orientated experience, helping to build up children’s confidence and sense of achievement.”
Patricia Maude MBE, lecturer in physical education at Homerton College, University of Cambridge and author of Physical Children, Active Teaching

It is widely reported that modern lifestyles are becoming more sedentary and ‘fast food’ diets are contributing to poor health and obesity – especially in young children.

Cycling can be a great family activity and there are lots of traffic free routes to cycle, whether for a day out or a trip on holiday. It’s also a really easy way to get exercise and get around, some trips to school and other places are now possible by bike, and its legal for young children to cycle on the pavement.